Euromed Audiovisual

Participants and films

Euromed Audiovisual

Participants and films

Four of the six grant projects funded and supported by the Euromed Audiovisual III programme aim to train directors, producers and screenwriters with a project for a fiction or documentary short or feature-length film.

With the following search tool, you can find out more about ACCESS (2012),DOCmed (2011 and 2012), Greenhouse (2011 and 2012) and Med Film Factory (2011 and 2012) participants, as well as their film projects and their stage of advancement.

You can search for information by typing in a name, the title of a film project, its genre, a country, a person's function within the project, or the name of a training initiative.

To update your data, please send an email to: info@euromedaudiovisuel.net  

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