MEDIS, first South Mediterranean distributor network, launched in Dubai

The MEDIS Association held its first general assembly yesterday during the DIFF

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MEDIS, first South Mediterranean distributor network, launched in Dubai

Thanks to the European Union’s Euromed Audiovisual programme, some 20 distributors from the South Mediterranean countries met in Dubai yesterday for the creation of the MEDIS Association, the first network of South Mediterranean distributors. 

The general assembly elected the Board of Administrators and confirmed the members of the association:

  • Honorary President: Nabil Ayouch, filmmaker
  • President: Mohamed Layadi, Marrakech Spectacles
  • Vice-President: Khaled Haddad, Jordan Pioneers Multimedia Production Company
  • Treasurer: Imane Masbahi, Canal 4
  • Secretary: Eva Badr, MC Distribution
  • Administrators: Mohamed Alaoui (Younes sarl/Med Film International sarl), Husam Amouri (Middle East Film Distribution Co.), Valerio Caruso (Euromed Audiovisual), Gian Luca Chakra (Front Row Filmed Entertainment), Pascal Diot (IDPL), Mounia Layadi (Le Colisée), Marianne Khoury (Misr International Films-Youssef Chahine), Adeline Monzier (Europa Distribution), Rula Nasser (Imaginarium Film), Mohammad Shawky Hassan (Network of Arab Arthouse Screens), Hachemi Zertal (Cirta Films).
  • Others members of the General Assembly: Alia Arasoughly (Shashat), Habib Bel Hedi (Arts Distribution), Sahar Mohamed El Sherbini (Rotana), Mario Haddad (Empire), Rania Haddad (Cedars Art Production), Cindy Le Templier (Shashat Multimedia Productions) Hala Lofty (Hassala Productions), Antoine Khalife (ART), Daniel Ziskind (ZAD Communication).

The MEDIS association will be an International Non Profit Organisation based in Brussels, but several regional offices will be created soon. 

“We are convinced by the power of networks to sustain the distribution sector in South Mediterranean countries,” declared Mohamed Layadi after this first general assembly. “Not only can we act collectively to raise awareness at national and international level on the importance of the distribution sector, but we will elaborate concrete proposals for decision makers to cope with the evolution of the market. Several projects have been planned, such as conducting a study on the state of distribution in Arab countries, setting up a mechanism for the collective acquisition of film rights for the region, drafting proposals to fight piracy, and setting up a video-on-demand service.”

Adeline Monzier, general secretary of Europa Distribution, who helped to draft the statutes, lauded the association’s creation. 

“In Europe, distributors have understood the importance of having a regional network,” she said. “Europa Distribution’s experience will be capital to help MEDIS  to growth.” 

The secretariat of the MEDIS association will be based in Brussels, within the Regional Monitoring and Support Unit of the Euromed Audiovisual programme. 

For more information, please send an email to: info@medisnetwork.net


MEDIS, first South Mediterranean distributor network, launched in Dubai

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