Hicham Lasri, Moroccan director

“I couldn’t cheat”

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Moroccan director Hicham Lasri’s second feature, They Are the Dogs, screened in the Cannes Film Festival's ACID section.

In They Are the Dogs, a television crew -- presenter, cameraman and intern --- set off to cover social movements in Morocco. They soon become intrigued by the appearance and strange behaviour of a man named Majhoul, and decide to focus their report on him.

Euromed Audiovisual met the director in Cannes.

"I couldn’t cheat: Everyone knows that it's the television crew's camera, a "character" in the film, that is filming. As for crane shots, travelling shots, or long shots of the four of them, nobody would have been there to film them. I tried to create synergy between the filming methods and the story."

"You don't know where fiction stops and gives way to the film's documentary side."

Interview in French

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