Film piracy to spark debate at the Dubai Film Market

Join the Euromed Audiovisual panel, on December 11, from 9:30 to 10:30, in the Forum Room

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Film piracy to spark debate at the Dubai Film Market

The European Union's Euromed Audiovisual III programme will host an important discussion at the Dubai Film Market on Wednesday, December 11, on how to deal with film piracy in the Arab region.

It is the first time that film piracy is discussed at a major film market in the Arab region, despite its incurring enormous financial losses to the region's film industry every year, as illegal broadcasting platforms screen audiovisual works to the public and DVD's are sold on the streets without acquiring the rights to do so from their producers.

Euromed Audiovisual's legal expert Hakim Taousar is to host a panel of guest speakers from or working in the Arab region to explore ways to limit this piracy. Panel speakers are to include Samer Abdin, the founder of video-on-demand platform for Arab content Istikana, Algerian distributor Hachemi Zertal, Moroccan distributor Mohamed Layadi, Lebanese distributor Hania Mroue all members of the new South Mediterranean film distributor network MEDIS (supported by Euromed Audiovisual III and launched in Dubai in 2012). Dubai Market representatives are expected among the panel speakers for an audience made up of highly concerned film professionals.

In the afternoon,  the MEDIS distribution network will hold their second general assembly during which they will notably discuss film piracy. 

During the event, Euromed Audiovisual will also present the tools it has developed:

  • Two new databases, a database of laws, including copyright law, relevant to the cinematic and audiovisual sector in each of its partner countries, as well as a database of audiovisual contracts and contract clauses.
  • A South Mediterranean Film Catalogue of feature films and documentaries produced between 2011 and 2013 in the South Mediterranean region, aimed at both regional and international buyers. Several of these films received awards at previous Dubai Film Festivals, while others are screening in the different sections of this year's festival edition. Many catalogue films feature in this year’s market's film library Cinetech.

Other initiatives developed by the programme to support the regional film industry include: several grant projects to develop skills of South Mediterranean film professionals and encourage promotion of Mediterranean audiovisual works, a financing working group to make recommendations for a financial mechanism to support the region's film and audiovisual sector, and data collection on the region's audiovisual and film markets to provide reliable data to encourage sound policy making and investment in the sector.

To download the South Mediterranean film catalogue, please click here.

For more information about the event, please click here.

For any questions regarding the panel, please contact:
Fadoua Ouerdiane
Communication Manager Capacity Development Support Unit,
Euromed Audiovisual III programme

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