Talal Derki, Syrian director of Return to Homs

"We kept the work secret"

Events and Festivals, Syria

Return to Homs is Syrian filmmaker Talal Derki's first feature-length documentary. The documentary made its world premiere during the 26th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam last November.

Return to Homs tells the story of two friends who fight for justice during the Syrian revolution. Ossama is an activist cameraman and Basset is the goalkeeper of the Syrian national soccer team and a revolutionary singer who becomes the voice of the protest movement. With the film, Derki wants to show that those who fight in the Syrian revolution are ordinary people who didn't have a choice, as they had to start the revolution in order to liberate their country from Bashar Al-Assad's regime.

"It's great for Syrian cinema, that was always in the shadows, to have a chance to [put forward] more subjects about humans, about pain, about changing, about being part of this world... This is my dream, the dream I carried all the time inside my heart, the dream that made me stay in Syria all these years."

"We kept the work secret, he hid ourselves until we finished all our shooting. There was [so] much risk all the time, [so] much fear that something would happen to us, to the main character, to the cameraman..."

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