House by Ahmad Saleh, Jordan, 2013

MADE in MED short film contest - Winner

HOUSE (id: 7465, tipologia: Images)


For generations, a family has lived in a spacious, beautiful and generous home. Guests have always been welcome. Until one guest arrives with a different plan in mind. 




Ahmad Saleh was born in 1980 to parents of Palestinian origin, marking the beginning of an endless quest for a home. He only lived in Palestine from 1998 to 2003, but he witnessed so many tragic stories in those five years that it pushed him to leave the country with a feeling of responsibility to tell the world about them.

After Palestine, he moved to many cities and took up many careers until he finally found his way in writing fiction, photography and filmmaking. In 2007, he moved to Germany to study Digital Media. The short film House was his first film and masters' degree graduation project. Ahmad is currently studying Film Writing and Directing at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM).


“A very beautiful metaphor about the fate of Palestine. A masterful animation film”
Mahmoud ben Mahmoud, MADE in MED jury member

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