MEDIS members to meet in Cannes

Members of the film distribution network to discuss upcoming projects

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MEDIS members to meet in Cannes

Members of MEDIS, the first South Mediterranean film distributors’ network, are again to meet in Cannes this year discuss the association's upcoming projects.

On May 19, they will notably discuss writing guidelines for a fund to aid film distribution in the South Mediterranean region and creating a multilingual website to cover Arabic audiovisual media and cinema news.

The network, created in Dubai in December 2012 and based in Brussels, aims to improve film distribution in the South Mediterranean region by reinforcing the sector's structure and making it easier for its professionals to meet each other.

The MEDIS team has been working for months now on creating a website to cover Arabic audiovisual media and cinema news, to follow on from the website for the European Union's Euromed Audiovisual III programme, whose activities will come to an end at the end of 2014.medis-next-2014 (id: 7612, tipologia: Images)

The multilingual web portal in English, Arabic and French will also feature two new databases: a complete catalogue of Arabic films and a database of cinema professionals in the region.

At the Cannes meeting, MEDIS members will also be able to discuss a regional action against film piracy and the continuation of the MEDIMAGES film education project launched in August 2013 and funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation.

With the MEDIMAGES ventures in Morocco, Egypt and Jordan, MEDIS has taken its first steps in audience development by suggesting that young people from these countries go to the cinema for educational purposes.

This project could not have taken off without the active participation of numerous teachers, who attended training sessions on film education and who agreed to try alternative teaching methods using cinema as an educational tool.

This year, twenty MEDIS members have planned to attend the Cannes Film Festival. They will not only represent South Mediterranean cinema at the event, but will also be looking for European and international films to buy in order to diversify the content offered on cinema screens in their respective countries.


Contact: info@medisnetwork.net

Link: http://medisnetwork.net/


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