Technical Assistance

A team of professional experts servicing the programme and its beneficiaries

iMed (Istituto per il Mediterraneo) has been appointed by the European Commission (EuropeAid Cooperation Office) to provide:

  • Technical and legal assistance to South-Mediterranean authorities on audiovisual policy enhancement and adoption of measures to accompany the development of the sector and combat threats to the sector including piracy, according to their needs and requests
  • Monitoring to ensure coherent implementation of the 12 projects funded by the programme
  • Support for the establishment of a “Reflection Group” on the future of Mediterranean audiovisual culture and on audiovisual policies in the Euro-Mediterranean region
  • Design, set-up and maintenance of the Euromed Audiovisual website:, as a main tool of information and dissemination of results for the programme and its users
  • Support in organising regional conferences and thematic workshops in order to enhance networking between the programme’s beneficiaries
  • Visibility of Programme outcomes and promotion of the Programme

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