A crucial phase in the world cinema industry to which Euromed Audiovisual dedicates two specific programmes.

Meda Films Development - MFD (Ali n' prod, Morocco)

MFD aims at enhancing the development of 10 Mediterranean feature films per year, strengthening the creative partnership between producers and scriptwriters. It selects 20 participants a year, and provides them with three yearly workshops led by international professionals, in order to enhance the development process of their projects and ensure their viability, quality and success. In addition, MFD aims at filling a gap in the Mediterranean caused by a shortage of film development bodies by establishing a dedicated development structure in Morocco.
Contact: Bahija Lyoubi

The Greenhouse (New Foundation for Cinema and Television, Israel)

Greenhouse aims at raising the standard of documentary filmmaking in the MEDA region from mere television reportage to creative documentaries with a potential for theatrical release and exposure at major film festivals. The project establishes the Greenhouse Audiovisual Development Centre to pursue this aim and provides workshops and follow-up periods for 24 producers and filmmakers, 2 for each of the 12 projects selected every year, exploring all aspects of making and marketing high quality feature-length documentaries.
Contact: Sigal Yehuda

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