ACCESS - Access to Markets in the Digital Era


Title ACCESS - Access to Markets in the Digital Era
Promoter of the project Fundación Cultural Media
Contact person Isabel Calle
Contact details c/ Antonio Acuña, 19-Esc.Drcha.-1º Izda.
28009 Madrid, Spain
Telephone / Fax + 34 91 575 95 83/+34 91 431 33 03
E-mail Address
Partner 1 Sud Ecriture Scenario
11rue Mami, 2070 La Marsa, Tunisia
Contact person: Dora Bouchoucha
Tel: + 216 71 749 080 / + 216 71 748 255
Partner 2 Associació Internacional de Productores Audiovisuals Indipendents de la Mediterránea – APIMED
Avinguda Diagonal, 407 bis, planta 21
Barcelona, Spain
Contact Person: Sergi Doladé
Tel: + 34 93 244 98 50
Fax: + 34 93 247 01 65
Partner 3 Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts
P.O. Box 1484 Aqaba, 77110, Jordan
Contact person: Andy Jacobs
Tel: + 962 797 44 88 33
Fax: + 962 3 201 4760

Access will approach all aspects of production through hands-on conferences, workshops, Virtual Training Module and on-line follow-up. The project selects 25 professionals and organises two training cycles. Each cycle has a duration of 14 months.

1st module: the development stage; financing, co-production and legal aspects. Learn about the best digital tools to shoot and post-produce their project in the most efficient way;

2nd module (Virtual Training Module): Financing, co-production and legal aspects (2) and Web site development;

3rd module and follow-up: Marketing and Distribution techniques in the digital era.

Follow-up: during each module and with the support and coaching of their assigned Mentors, participants will be expected to apply techniques, feedback and experience acquired in the different modules.

After each of the cycles is completed, the course director, the mentors and the MBS staff will award a grant for the best project to assist to two international film festivals in order to help it to take off.

Duration 30 months
Project start date 1st February 2011
Calendar 2011/2012
1st Cycle
1st module: 20-25 March 2012, Tunisia
2nd module: online
3rd module: Autumn 2012, Jordan
Target Independent Mediterranean producers from the 9 ENPI South countries
Selection process
  • Eligible are the producers and/or directors/producers of the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestine, Syria and Tunisia.
  • Applicants must submit a complete application form (synopsis, treatment, production strategy, budget, CVs, company profile, DVD of previous works, letter of motivation).

The selection process will allow the selection of a group of 25 Beneficiaries with the following characteristics:

  • Diversity of geographical representation;
  • High international production and distribution potential of the projects attached;
  • Representativeness of the Mediterranean, its values and its cultural diversity;
  • Gender balance with both men and women represented equally.

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