Project factsheet


Promoter of the projectR.A.I. RadioTelevisione Italiana S.p.A.
Contact personBruno Iovenitti (RAI, head of project)
Daniela D’Ulisse (RAI, legal and administrative manager)
Micol Pancaldi (COPEAM, international relations and promotion)
Contact detailsVia Novaro, 18
Telephone / Fax+ 39 06 36864812
+ 39 06 36869288
Partner 1SNRT - Societè Nationale de Radiodiffusione et de Tèlèvision
1, rue El Brihi - Rabat, Morocco
Contact person: Fatima EL MOUMEN
Tel: +212 5 37.733875
Fax: +212 5 37.733875
Partner 2EPTV – Etablissement Public de Télévision (DZ)
21, Boulevard des Martyres - Alger - Algérie
Contact person: Mustapha BENNABI
Tel: +213 21 230 920
Fax: + 213 21 239896,
Partner 3RTVE - Corporation de Radio y Tèlèvisiòn Espanola (ES)
Avenida Radio Television n.4, Pozuelo de Alarcón
28223 Madrid – España
Contact person: Marta ABAD VITORIA
Tel: +34 91 581 5404
Fax: +34 91 581 54 09
Partner 4COPEAM (IT)
Via Monte Santo 52, 00195 Roma - Italie
Contact person: Micol PANCALDI
Tel: +39 06 3686 2405
Fax: + 39 06 3622 6758
Partner 5Skylogic (IT)
Piazza La grande 2, 10123 Torino - Italie
Contact person: Stefano ZARA
Partner 6France Télévisions (FR)
7 esplanade Henri de France, 75907 Paris Cedex 15 – France
Contact person: Jean-Loup CALAZEL
Tel: +33 1 5622 6033
Fax: +33 1 5622 6089
Partner 7ARTE France (FR)
8 rue Marceau, 92785 Issy les Moulineaux - France
Contact person: Jean-François PELLIER
Tel: +33 (0)1 55 00 70 98
Fax: +33 (0)1 55 00 74 12

Terramed Plus project consists in promoting Mediterranean programmes through both satellite and Internet – documentaries, fictions, short, feature and animated films - broadcast by the public TV companies of Italy, France, Spain, Algeria, Morocco with the aim of making them accessible to the largest audience in the whole region, so contributing to the development of a Euro-Mediterranean audience.

  1. The Terramed Plus project will produce a weekly satellite transmission. Every week each broadcaster prepares a 2'30" spot promoting their respective coming programmes, by providing excerpts of the selected works and packaging them using a shared graphic layout that mixes textual information and images. The partners’ contributions editing and the preparation of the final product for the airing (a block of 15' composed by the 6 partners’ promos) will be realised by Rainews;
  2. Creation of a Web platform structured into two sections: a) promotional section (devoted to Terramed project and to its partners); b) Video on Demand platform (gathering documentaries, short and long fictions, etc. issued by project’s partners and associates);
  3. Two training sessions on VOD, Content Management System and digital distribution will be held in Rabat;
  4. A specific seminar dealing with Intellectual Property Rights issues in digital distribution will be held in Beirut.
Duration30 months
Project start date1st March, 2011
TargetTV and Web viewers
Dates and Place of ActivitiesItaly (Rome, Turin), France (Paris), Spain (Madrid), Algeria (Algiers), Morocco (Rabat), Lebanon (Beirut) – Whole EUROMED area



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