Capacity Development Support Unit (CDSU)


Title Capacity Development Support Unit (CDSU)
Promoter of the project Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Contact person Berthold Wohlleber
Contact details Dag-Hammarskjöld-Weg 1-5
65760 Eschborn
Telephone / Fax T + 49 6196 - 79 7415
F + 49 6196 - 79 1723
E-mail Address
Partner 1 Deutsche Welle/Deutsche Welle Akademie
53113 Bonn, Germany
Contact person: Jochen Walter
Tel: +49 228 429 2054
Partner 2 Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen ZDF
55100 Mainz, Germany
Contact person: Heiko Debschitz
Tel: +49 6131 701
Partner 3 Istituto per il Mediteraneo IMED, Italy
Via Dalmazia, 31
I - 00198, Roma
Contact person: Carla Scaramella
Tel: +39.06.8419428 ext. 242
Partner 4 Arab State Broadcasting Union ASBU, Tunesia
Rue 8840, Centre urbain nord
P.O. Box 250
1080 Tunis Cedex, Tunisia
Contact person: Dalila Jadidi
Partner 5 Conference on the Mediterranean audiovisual operators COPEAM, Italy
Via Monte Santo 52
00195 Rome, Italy
Contact person: Paola Parri
Tel: +39 0636862409 / +39 3333 856320
Partner 6 European Broadcasting Union AISBL EBU-UER, Belgium
Avenue des Arts 56
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Contact person: Giacomo Mazzone
Tel: +41 227172013 /+41 22 747 4013
Duration 36 months

The objective of the Capacity Development Support Unit is to contribute to developing intercultural dialogue and to supporting cultural diversity, through the development and strengthening of the capacity of Mediterranean countries in the audiovisual sector.

Specific objectives are:

  • the reinforcement of the institutional and legislative framework in the cinematographic and audiovisual field,
  • to contribute to improve the cooperation environment between the different operators at a regional level as well as in multilateral co-productions and to explore possibilities of developing support funding mechanisms for productions and co-productions including various countries and territories of the region,
  • the ultimate aim is to increase the circulation and audience of Mediterranean productions in the ENPI South countries and territories and in the European Union.

The CDSU office is based in Tunis : 7 Rue Virgile, 1082 Notre-Dame Tunis; Phone/Fax : + 216 71 282 405

Project start date 08/02/ 2011
Calendar 2011 National Round Tables Workshops have been launched on October 2011
November 2011: Opening Conference in Tunis
  • Institutional actors: units within the ministries or State secretaries dealing not only with cinematographic and cultural issues but also with taxes, budget, etc...,
  • Public organisations dealing with the film sector at national or local level, film commissions, cinema centres, etc...
  • Main professional organisations dealing with the film sector

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