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Dia Sud Med is a project based on the partnership of three Mediterannean schools specialized in the fields of audiovisual, arts and multimedia: The Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (Lebanon), the School of Visual Arts in Marrakech (Morocco) and the Higher Institute of Arts in Multimedia Manuoba (Tunisia). Vincent Mellili, head of the ESAV Marrakech, is the project's representative.

The Dia Sud Med project consist of several activities : 


Activity 1 - Transmedia projects workshops

Activity 1 « Transmedia projects workshops » is the organization of 7 workshops and meetings focused on the development of transmedia and transnational projects in the 2nd master cycles of the three schools (20 students per year per school, 180 students in three years), on two editions. Among these projects, each school selects two of them which will go to Medimed for a pitching session. The complete program and schedule for the sessions of Activity 1 is available here.

To know more about Transmedia, click here [pdf] and here [video].


First edition - in Marrakech, Tunis and Beirut

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The five selected participants of the first edition have finally met at the MEDIMED market organized by Apimed in Sitges in Spain from October 12-14, 2012 to pitch their cross-media projects. Among the selected projects were A Morrocan by Medhi Bouzoubaa and Laalou 1981 by Lamisse Khairat and Ismail Ait Toulba for the school of Marrakech. All In by Achraf Amri and Zied Litayem represented the school of Tunis and Beirut Albalad by Nivine Yakza, Mira Haddad, Elia EL Haddad and Elizabeth Makhoul, as well as the Tree of forbidden love by Mohamed Sabah, Mirna Alies Nour Tayeh and Sahar Khoury (participating to the Millenium Film Festival 2013) represented the school of Beirut.

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Second edition - held in Marrakech, Tunis and Beirut


The pre-selected projects are Jalssa by Selwa Mjadli, Houda Lakhdar and Khalid Ait Laabbass ; Baraka by Youssef Maman and Réda Zerouali ; Made in Ouka by Abderrazak Barnoussi and Abderrahman Zaim ; Sous la tombe by Sarah Sellami, Mustapha EL Ayb and El houssaine Hatouche; Classico by Ismail EL Hachimi and Robert Barney. 


The pre-selected projects are Les proverbes arabes by Bassem Hlel and Maher Jmili ; Dégradation continue by Nawres Hassen and Manel Zekri ; La traversée by Wassim Grimen, Sofiene Charrad and Neil Messelmani and Jugement by Mohamed Hatem Houria and Imen Dellil. 


The pre-selected projects are Bus Beirut by Julien Kobersy, Mira Hoayek, Clara Tomb and Rosette Stephane ; Tab-Chour by Bassam Naous, Christelle Helou, Joy Zeinoun and Julien Tavitian ; Red Caps by Joy Zeinoun and Rosette Staphan and How we sea it by Bassam Naous and Hanine Cheik. 


The six selected participants of the second edition will meet at the MediMed market, organised by Apimed in Sitges in Spain for the pitch of their cross-media projects.

The selected projects are Tab-Chour by Bassam Naous and Red Caps by Joy Zeinoun and Rosette Staphan for the Lebanese school. La traversée by Wassim Grimen, Sofiene Charrad and Neil Messelmani and Jugement by Mohamed Hatem Houria and Imen Dellil reprsent the school of Tunisia. Sous la tombe by Sarah Sellami, Mustapha EL Ayb and El houssaine Hatouche as well as Jalssa by Selwa Mjadli, Houda Lakhdar and Khalid Ait Laabbass (participating to the Millenium Film Festival 2013) represented the Moroccan school.

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Activity 2: Training the trainers

Dia Sud Med second activity consist in organizing two sessions training the trainers of the three partner schools first in Tunisia then in Beirut.


1st session: February 20, March 3, 2012 - Tunis (Tunisia)

A training and reflection session took place in Tunis, from 20 February to 3 March 2012. It brought together scholars of the three mentioned countries, plus a supervisor, Mr. Claude Bailblé. 

The first week was devoted entirely to theoretical lectures, chaired by Mr. Bailblé, and discussed among the participants. Projections of feature and short films as well as documentaries were followed or accompanied by analyzes that highlight the different processes of filmmaking (image, sound, editing, directing, scenario, etc.). The analysis focused either on a sequence or on the entire film.

The second week was devoted to complete the work of the first one, but it led to wider issues and to the consideration of issues that will be at the center of the next two meeting (Beirut and Marrakech).

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2nd session: September 3-14, 2012 - Beirut (Lebanon)

In order to pedagogically support the filmmaker students, the session is focused on the theme "learning how to tell short stories" [with the three basics: to be understood, to move, to dramatize] ... The intervention focused on the detailed analysis of short films or extracts, by trying to name the imaging process and the subtext of the dialogue - the image and sound material- albeit with some critical digressions on the treatment of the reality of reference evoked by the scenarios.

More information: News - Results of the training of trainers


Activity 3 : Support in creating companies

The third activity consists in organizing training modules in audiovisual industry management (six seminars of 2 days each over a year, 10 participants per training per country for a total amount of 90 beneficiaries), and in creating three advise offices for business creation in the three schools Marrakech, Tunis et Beirut.

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 Activity 4: Creation of centers of excellence

The objective of Dia Sud Med 4th activity is to identify and prepare for the launch of future specialization certification trainings of  the center of excellence in all three countries. Three meetings of two days, a three days study visit and a validation meeting of the study for a strategic and complementary positioning of the centers of excellence at regional and international level will take place.

Marrakech, June 4-5, 2012

This meeting was aimed at discussing the establishment of a center of excellence at the ESAV Marrakech.

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Beyrouth, January 23-24, 2013

This meeting was aimed at discussing the establishment of a center of excellence in production at the Alba in the context of the programme Dia Sud Med.

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Morocco, April 17-18, 2013

The purpose of this symposium was to talk about the film industry in the South Mediteranean countries.

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Activity 5 - Professional meetings

Activity 5 is designed to hold three professional meetings of the Mediterranean Audiovisual in Marrakech, Tunis and Beirut. These meetings will bring together 30 professionals from the audiovisual sector coming from the three countries which host a partner school - Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia - Mediterranean institutional representatives (10) and European ones (20).


Professional meetings in Marrakech - November 17-19, 2011

The first edition of the professional meetings was organized by the ESAV Marrakech from 17 to 19 November, 2011.

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Professional meetings in Beirut - January 24-26, 2013

A hundred professionals from film, television and students of the Arab world have gathered at the professional days organized by the Dia sud Med project, funded by the Euromed Audiovisual Programme. The programme of this edition has a central theme: the production.

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Professional meetings in Tunis - October 31 to Novembre 2, 2013

The Manouba Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts (Tunisia) has held professional meetings from October 31 to November 2 in Tunis, in partnership with the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (Lebanon) and the School of Visual Arts in Marrakech (Morocco).

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