Studies for financing and production systems

Provides technical support and regional tools for financing and production systems

Studies on support to film production and distribution
Informative overviews of support to film production and distribution in the region
Three studies were commissioned by the Euromed Audiovisual programme's Financing Working Group, a group of film professionals who last met this January in Lebanon and who are working on recommendations for a new regional financing mechanism to improve film production and co-production in the South Mediterranean.

Study on the identification of Financing Tools for Film and Audiovisual Production and their Practical Use in the South Mediterranean Region
The study, written by senior finance and strategic planning expert Linda Beath, describes more than 20 types of funding, including subsidies, tax incentives, co-production, pre-sales, investment, and crowd-funding...

Study on the census and analysis of film & audiovisual co-productions in the South-Mediterranean Region 2006-2011
This study was done by Lucas Rosant (Dubai Film Connection coordinator and match-makers in numerous international markets), and concerns 221 co-productions that took place between 2006 and 2011 (including works in progress).

Landmarks for financing Southern Mediterranean films
Relevant list of "South-Mediterranean friendly" European funds and festivals & markets published by Euromed Audiovisual III Programme.

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