Recommendations for a new financial support mechanism for productions and co-productions

Development of new sources of funding

For Israeli and Palestinian Israeli Audiovisual Production

The Euromed Audiovisual III programme launched an innovative initiative to develop new sources of funding, tax incentives, to enhance investment in Israel’s film and audiovisual productions. This one year initiative (from January to December 2013)  aims at increasing local production as well as attracting foreign filmmakers to Israel. Thereby more jobs opportunities to local professionals will be offered.

A tailored-made programme will be implemented in cooperation with local organisations in Israel to provide access to the expertise of international banks that already support filmmakers.

In addition, there will be a year long training programme in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, tailored to the specific needs of Palestinian Israeli filmmakers. As well as increasing the number of productions, this initiative will encourage Palestinian Israeli filmmakers to promote their films in the South Mediterranean and Europe.

Considering the specific conditions of Israel, an institutional and legal framework for a sustainable tax incentive system will be developed jointly by Euromed Audiovisual III and the relevant stakeholder organisations in Israel. There are two financial strategies that involve providing international documentation and expertise:

  • Create increased and improved tax incentives to support production of feature films, documentaries, animation and creative online content. Euromed Audiovisual III will provide international experts, case studies and supporting documentation to the production community as well as to the ministries being responsible for aspects of the screen industries.
  • Improved banking support for the screen industry. Euromed Audiovisual III will research and analyse good business models with a number of international banks who currently provide extensive support for their filmmaking community. With the support of the Producers’ Union and the Israel Film Fund, representatives of international banks will speak with local bankers and filmmakers about the types of support and the relevant economic factors when working in the screen industries.


One of the Euromed Audiovisual III activities, an extensive Study on Financing Tools for the screen industries is available online at:

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