Programme Activities

Socrates training for script writers and script editors

Programme Activities

Socrates training for script writers and script editors

Socrates scriptwriting and script editing training initiative

Djerba-Tunisia, October 8-12, 2014
Followed by an online session until December


Twenty scriptwriters and script editors from the Arab world are gathered in Djerba, Tunisia, from October 8 to 12, to start developing the screenplays of twelve upcoming fiction feature films from the region, as part of the Socrates training initiative organised by the regional EU-funded Euromed Audiovisual programme, in cooperation with the French Institute in Tunis. Three additional screenplays will also take part in the initiative, working with participating script editors online.

The training will be held between October and December and will be structured in two phases. After the first workshop in Djerba, a personalised follow-up period is scheduled from October to December.

The originality of the  Socrates training is that, for the first time in the region, aspiring script editors are working with scriptwriters to develop their script. Both script editors and scriptwriters are coached by professional experts: award-winning Moroccan scriptwriter and director Faouzi Bensaïdi and film development consultant Head of Studies Isabelle Fauvel are to lead the workshop.

This training initiative is designed to help all the people within the film industry who want or need to work with scripts and improve their script editing techniques, particularly with regards to a screenplay's development potential.

The selected candidates come from seven countries in the South Mediterranean region: Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia.

  • Selected scriptwriters are Haitham Dabbour, Taha Meedo, Salim Abu Jabal, Maha El-Wazir, Samar Al Azzeh, Laila Abbas, Mehdi Barsaoui, Hicham Lagha, Sonia Terrab, Marouane Saheb and Rita El Quessar.
  • Selected script editors are Ayman El Amir, Majd Hijjawi, Elyssa Skaff, Kismet ElSayed, Asma Chiboub, Lina Arious, Hinde Boujemaa, Fadi Haddad, Ahmed Shawky and Deema Azar.

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