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Media literacy and film education

Media literacy and film education

Media literacy and film education in the ENPI South region

Media literacy and film education


The media literacy and film education project is coordinated by the Regional Monitoring and Support Unit of the Euromed Audiovisual III programme of the European Union.

The objective of this action is to:

  • Work with selected distributors and exhibitors to bring schools and pupils into the cinemas to let them discover alternative southern Mediterranean films on a big screen;
  • Use films as pedagogical instruments and work with teachers on the way films can be used to teach and improve general knowledge and generate interest on social themes;
  • Raise the importance of media literacy in school education, by involving national educational and audiovisual authorities;
  • Alert the public authorities on the importance to put in place policies favouring media literacy in the schools, by providing recommendation and best practices.

This action will take place in Morocco, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon, up to December 2014.


For more information, please contact Valerio Caruso, Team Leader: vcaruso@euromedaudiovisuel.net

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