Mediterranean Film Forum, December 2-3, 2014, Tunis

Plea for continued support to structuring the audiovisual sector in the South Mediterranean region

Conclusions from the Mediterranean Film Forum, Tunis, December 2 and 3, 2014

From the Mediterranean Film Forum, organised by the Euromed Audiovisual programme in Tunis on December 2 and 3, 2014, it appears that: 

  • The film industry is of major importance for the development of economies in the countries of the South Mediterranean region (creation of job opportunities, increased visibility of these countries abroad, development of tourism).
  • The culture industries, including the film industry, are crucial to reinforcing social cohesion and sharing democratic values.
  • The Euromed Audiovisual programme has had a definite impact on professionalising and structuring the region's audiovisual sector, creating sustainable networks between its professionals, and promoting its talents.
  • The Euromed Audiovisual programme has developed juridical tools to improve the related legislative and regulatory frameworks of countries in the region, measures that deserve to be continued.
  • The recent changes in the audiovisual industry (market share erosion, digitisation, audience migration towards Internet, increased piracy, decreased visibility for most titles except for a few at the box office) can have negative consequences on the "audiovisual sovereignty" of countries in the South Mediterranean region (a drop in production capacities, insufficient exhibition and circulation of national products).
  • Concerned professionals have developed a series of concrete proposals in order to develop: distribution, exhibition, funding, tax incentives, promoting audiovisual works and talents, training, and links between film and television.
  • A necessity exists to consolidate the film industry within a broader context of developing the culture industries.

We, professionals gathered in Tunis at the Mediterranean Film Forum, hereby launch a plea to decision-makers in the region (members of government, members of parliament, opinion leaders, professionals, media, donors...) and to the European Union to:

  1. Continue to support structuring the audiovisual industry in the South Mediterranean region, notably by taking into consideration the proposals and conclusions of the forum's workshops.
  2. Coordinate the efforts of different states of the European Union in order to set up initiatives to consolidate the audiovisual sector on a regional level in the long term.
  3. Draw up a five-year roadmap for the accelerated development of the region's audiovisual sector, taking into account the study already realised and the Programme’s round tables recommendations;
  4. Study the possibility to launch a 4th phase of the Euromed Audiovisual Programme, in particular continue the update of the web site and implement complementary actions (creation, among others, of development, coproduction and distribution funds);
  5. The follow-up of the activities could be reinforced by the nomination, in each Mediterranean country, of persons or organisations ensuring the liaison between professionals, national authorities and the European Union.


Tunis, December 3, 2014


Download the plea (PDF)

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