Meda Films Development - MFD

Ali n' productions - Morocco

Meda Films Development - MFD
Promoter of the projectAli n' productions
Contact personBahija Lyoubi
Contact details Office in Marrakech: Résidence Jakar, 3ème étage-Bureau 21, Avenue Mohamed V, 40000-Marrakech Morocco
Office in Casablanca: Résidence Ouchtar 8, 37 rue Assanâani, Quartier Bourgogne, 20050-Casablanca Morocco
Telephone / Fax Office in Marrakech: 212 024 44 43 12 10, Cell. 212 61 17 38 45, Fax: 212 24 43 12 34
Office in Casablanca: 212 22 49 28 28, Cell. 212 63 47 36 96, Fax : 212 22 26 76 30
E-mail Addresses
Partner 1European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE)
Contact personAlan Fountain
Partner 1 contact details238c, rue de Luxembourg 8077 Bertrange Luxemburg
Telephone / Fax 352 44 52 10 10/ 352 44 52 10 70
Partner 2Centre National de la Cinématographie
Contact personJacqueline Ada
Partner 2 contact details12, rue de Lübeck 75784 Paris Cedex 16 France
Telephone / Fax33 1 44 34 38 17 / 33 1 44 34 36 59
Partner 3Nomadis Images – Sud Ecriture
Contact personDora Bouchoucha
Partner 3 contact details11, rue Mami - 2070 La Marsa - Tunisia
Telephone / Fax216 71 749 080 / 216 71 749 077
Role of the partners -
ContentLong-term development programme: three 7-day workshops a year linked with individual work to built up the producer-author creative team
DescriptionMeda Films Development targets producers and scriptwriters from ten MEDA-region countries to support them throughout the development process of a film project. Each year, for three years, MFD will select 20 participants to attend three 8-day production workshops that will be held in Morocco. The aim is to ensure the best possible quality outcome to increase the film’s chances of success. Throughout the MEDA region, film professionals face more or less the same problems in developing their projects due to a lack of skills in two key areas: screenwriting and production. Elia Kazan asserted that “A good film is three things. A good script, a good script, and … a good script”. But a good relationship between the producer and the writer is essential for this outcome. MFD aims to flank producers and scriptwriters throughout the development process to ensure the project’s viability, quality and success. Workshopping and mentoring from the early stages of the project through seminars presented by guest professionals, is one of the key assets of this project. The main topics addressed during the three workshops include the scriptwriting, the role of the producer and legal, marketing and distribution aspects of the finished product. MFD aims to fill a gap in the Mediterranean caused by the shortage of film development bodies by establishing development a dedicated body in Morocco.

2008 Edition - workshop 1: April 27/May 4, 2008; workshop 2: July 27/August 3, 2008; workshop 3: December 2008, to be held in at the time of the Marrakech International Film Festival - all workshops taking place in Marrakech
Target10 producers teamed with 10 authors per year
Selection criteria for participantsProject quality, producer and scriptwriter's profile, scriptwriting, treatment, film feasability, potential audiences
Description of selection processselection committee composed of Marie Gutman (head of studies), Jean-Luc Ormières (Moonstone), Vincent Mellili (ESAV Marrakech), Dora Bouchoucha (Nomadis images) and Bahija Lyoubi (Ali n’ Productions)
Long term objectivecommittee creation of a development centre in Morocco

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