Euromed Cinemas

Centre Cinématographique Marocain - CCM

Euromed Cinemas
Name of the projectEUROMED CINEMAS
Promoter of the projectCentre Cinematographique marocain - CCM
Contact personNour Eddine Saïl
Contact detailsAvenue Al majd, Rabat BP 421 - MOROCCO
Telephone / Fax212 37 28 92 05 / 212 37 79 81 05
Partner 1Europa Cinemas (France)
Partner 1 contact personClaude-Eric Poiroux, Menem Richa
Partner1 contact details54 rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris - FRANCE
Telephone / Fax33 1 42715370 / 33 1 42714755
E-mail /
Partner 2Beirut Dc (Lebanon)
Partner 2 contact personsHania Mroueh
Partner 2 contact detailsFurn el Chebback, PO Box 116-5118 Beirut - LEBANON
Fax961 1 293 212 11
Duration36 months - starting January 2006
Content Within the framework of Euromed Audiovisual II, Euromed Cinemas is offering support for the distribution and exhibition of Mediterranean and European films from 2006 till 2008. Beneficiaries are film distributors and exhibitors located in any of the 35 countries of the European Union and MEDA region.

The initiative's goal is to encourage the distribution of films originating from Mediterranean countries and territories in the EU, especially in those markets which MEDA films have difficulty reaching. In addition, the aim is to improve the circulation of Mediterranean films and the presence of European films in the MEDA region.

To be eligible, a distribution company must be capable of theatrical distribution and must be able to ensure the performance of all related tasks. Eligible cinema and exhibition companies will have commercial cinemas open to the public, 35 mm projection equipment of good image and sound quality, good public facilities, provide a minimum of 14 weekly screenings and have a minimum of 70 seats. Requests for support must include proposals for exhibition of films produced during the last three years.

Euromed Cinemas provides support to theatrical exhibitors and distributors within certain pre-established ceilings which vary according to the origin country of the films and the target exhibition country:
  • 50% of the support to the distribution/exhibition of Mediterranean films in the UE - with a max of 40 000 euros per film and of 35 films in 3 years;
  • 20% to the distribution/exhibition of Mediterranean Films in the MEDA countries (incl their country of production) - with a max of 21 000 euros per film and 30 films in 3 years;
  • 30% to the distribution/exhibition of European films in the MEDA countries - with a max of 24 000 euros per film, and 30 films in 3 years
TargetDistributors and exhibitors in the MEDA countries and the EU

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