Application forms

In this page you will find the link to the calls for proposals of the projects financed by the Euromed Audiovisual Programme.

Calls for proposals concern several sectors :

1. Training: call for proposals in order to participate to training activities supported by the Euromed Audiovisual II Programme. Only MEDA professionals can apply.
2. Development: two activities supported by the Euromed Audiovisual II programme aiming at fostering audiovisual projects' development. Application calls are planned for 2007 and 2008.
3. Distribution and exhibition : Euromed Cinemas supports distributors and exhibitors so as to improve the programming of Mediterranean and European films.
4. Promotion and festivals: two projects are dedicated to European and Mediterranean films' promotion on both sides of the Mediterranean. Med Screen also supports Mediterranean rights-holders so as to enable them to join European film markets.

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