National Round Table Workshop in Algeria: October 17, 2011

Film and audiovisual in the Southern Mediterranean: key challenges in focus

Euromed Audiovisual III brings together experts and professionals at a round table to open the debate on the needs and expectations for the development of the Algerian cinematographic and audiovisual sector.

National Round Table Workshop in Algeria: October 17, 2011

Opening and welcome speech by the Head of Delegation, Ms. Laura Baeza.
From left to right : Mr Lyes Balaribi, Legal Expert;
Ms Renate Roginas, Team Leader of the Strategic Partnership;
Ms. Laura Baeza , Head of Delegation; Mr Ahmed Bedjaoui, Expert Capacity Development














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International co-production, professional training, film distribution and exhibition, national and regional film funding, fight against piracy... major challenges for the film and audiovisual sector in the Mediterranean region, which were at the heart of a debate organized by the Euromed Audiovisual III and the Delegation of the European Union in Algiers, on October 17, 2011.

This round table consultation with the Algerian authorities and film professionals aimed to determine the industry’s needs and expectations, and to identify, together with the other players and contributors in the sector, the answers that European Union could provide within the scope of this cooperation programme.
At the round table, Algerian representatives of various ministries and television, producers, directors, distributors, presidents of film associations, film schools representatives, organizers of film festivals, together with the experts of the Euromed Audiovisual Programme, discussed the following topics:

• funding for films and audiovisual works - from development to post-production,
• the status of production companies as a creative SMEs - need for full recognition,
• the distribution and exhibition of films and audiovisual works - Access to audiovisual markets North and South of the Mediterranean.

These exchanges will help determine the priorities and actions that are to be undertaken in this sector as part of the Euromed Audiovisual Programme.
The round table in Algiers is the first in a series of consultations that the program will organize in partnership with the countries in the South Mediterranean region in the following weeks. The second Round Table Workshop took place in Amman, October 20, 2011

The Euromed Audiovisual regional programme has entered its third phase of activity and dedicates 4.5 million € to strategic activities meant to strengthen the film and audiovisual sector in the South Mediterranean countries.

This strategic development covers various aspects identified as priorities, from training professionals - especially for international co-production, film and television archives, distribution and exhibition, while at the same time encouraging the creation of funds to support regional and national cinema, to fighting against piracy. All these measures are meant to help the professionals from the South Mediterranean region to grow to be emerging and preferred partners for their European counterparts.

The Agenda of the National Round Table Workshop

More information on the National Round Table Consultations in the South Mediterranean Countries

National Round Table Workshop in Algeria: October 17, 2011

Group photo of participants from the Algerian Round Table Workshop

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