Amor Hakkar, Algerian director of The Proof

"I deal with the impossibility of admitting and coming to terms with being infertile"


Amor Hakkar, Algerian director of The Proof

The Proof tells the story of Ali, a married taxi driver who is afraid that he is infertile. But it is also entwined with that of a young pregnant woman who accuses him of being the father of her child. It's a quiet, introspective film that reflects the taboos surrounding its main theme. As the film is released in Lebanon, director Amor Hakkar answered Euromed Audiovisual's questions. 


What inspired you to make the film?

I wanted to deal with an issue that remains taboo in the twenty-first century, and to shed some light on the way in which society and family hold influence on our decisions and our choices in very intimate matters. In the case of this young man [who lives in the city but whose roots are in the rural douar where his family still lives], I deal with the impossibility of admitting and coming to terms with being infertile. 

To what extent is fertility a taboo?

My films often focus on "the human being" at a particular moment in their life when they are confronted with a difficulty, a dilemma, a choice or a life event to which they have to react without necessarily being prepared, with a view to looking at the question of choice and its consequences in more and more depth.

Is it controversial to have made a film on this topic in Algeria?

I don't know, but the theme of male sterility has barely been touched upon -- if at all -- in Algerian cinema and Arab cinema in general. 

Can it be shown widely without issue?

The film can be shown in Algeria without any problems, but I'm not sure if all audiences will warm to it.

Is the film aimed mainly at an Algerian audience, or at an international audience?

The theme of infertility, and in general everything to do with humankind, is universal.

What was it like to work with actor Nabil Asli?

It was a wonderful collaboration. Nabil is a very good actor, generous and very disciplined.

What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to continue making films about social issues in Algeria?

I definitely find social issues of particular interest. 


Anaïs Renevier

Translation: Hayley Wood


The Proof -- trailer (in French):

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