Mediterranean women in film and television: Mireille Maurice

“The best way to preserve audiovisual heritage is to show it!”

Mediterranean women in film and television: Mireille Maurice

The Mediterranean is to have its own audiovisual archive website! Med-Mem, a project led by Mireille Maurice at the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA), aims to offer archives from 14 different broadcasters. Euromed Audiovisual spoke to Mireille Maurice about the project, which is co-funded up to 68% by the European Commission as part of its EUROMED Heritage IV programme.


How is the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) involved with South Mediterranean countries?

In general, the INA undertakes important expert missions, at the request of Mediterranean broadcasters. Our first action is to help them establish specifications to implement conservation and digitisation plans.

We often work in training, for example for the switch to digital… In addition to bilateral partnerships, the INA is also involved with Euro-Mediterranean projects such as Med-Mem.


What is Med-Mem?

Med-Mem is short for “Audiovisual Memories of the Mediterranean”.  

The project that was created in response to a demand from Mediterranean broadcasters after CapMed’s great work, as part of Euromed Audiovisual I, in saving 4,000 archives in a database. 

These broadcasters wanted us to launch a project to digitise archives because technologies have now evolved so much that digitisation is much more affordable than it was ten years ago.

The best way to preserve audiovisual heritage is to show it! Med-Mem is a trilingual, free, internet project targeted at an audience interested in education and culture. 

It is co-financed by the European Union as part of Euromed Heritage IV. 

The website will offer archives from 14 Mediterranean broadcasters. It will not only be images, as we are going to try to show their significance.


How sustainable is this project?

First, we are creating a second market in terms of archives, since it’s the first time that these Mediterranean broadcasters’ archives will be shown and available online, even though it’s not a website selling them. We are trying to create a website to allow professionals to directly get in touch with the copyright owner or broadcaster of any document. 

Second, we want to develop a tool for institutions, an educational resource for schools, universities, and teachers.


How are you promoting the project?

We are preparing the launch for September 12 in Marseille, when the website’s target audience, young members of the public, go back to school. 

There will be a launch campaign on all participating television stations, and we are now building a distribution network to offer the website in libraries, universities, museums, tourist attractions -- in short anywhere that is related to the website’s theme.


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