Jordan has much to offer Canadian filmmakers, says producer

A co-production treaty between Canada and Jordan is reportedly in the works

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Jordan has much to offer Canadian filmmakers, says producer

Jordan's suitable environment and efficient workforce are among the main attractions that continue to bring Canadian filmmakers to the country, Canadian producer Niv Fichman said on Sunday, according to the Jordan Times.

Fichman said he is in Jordan as the producer of war film Hyena Road, which is directed by Paul Gross and is currently being filmed near Aqaba and Wadi Rum.

"The movie is about the Canadian war effort in Afghanistan," he told the Jordan Times before the opening ceremony of the Canadian Film Week. "We are filming it here because the scenery down near Aqaba is similar to Afghanistan."

The producer, who recently produced Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral and Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy, said he loves working in Jordan because people are very organised, efficient and helpful.  

But Canadian filmmakers who want to shoot their films in Jordan currently have to limit the time they spend filming outside Canada or risk losing their tax credits, Bruno Saccomani, 

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Canada's Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq noted at the film event.

"If we had a Canada-Jordan co-production agreement, it would remove those obstacles and provide benefits for both countries," said the ambassador. 

Fichman said he is working with the ambassador and the RFC to draft a formal film production treaty between Canada and Jordan so that more Canadian productions come to Jordan and possibly enable Jordanian productions to go to Canada.

“Although we do not yet have any official co-production treaties in place, we are currently in talks with several countries,” the Royal Film Commission general manager George David last May told KFTV.com.

Sources: The Jordan Times, KFTV.com

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