Euromed Audiovisual to present results in Rabat

To be discussed: film funding and co-productions, data collection, distribution and film education

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Euromed Audiovisual to present results in Rabat

Three experts working with Euromed Audiovisual III are to attend the Café du Film 2014 in Rabat, Morocco, on October 24 and 25, to present some of the programme's initiatives in the South Mediterranean film and audiovisual sectors since 2011.

Over 130 film professionals from the Arab region will attend the Café du Film, a yearly symposium aimed at reflecting on ways to improve regional cooperation in the audiovisual sector.

This year, the organisers asked Euromed Audiovisual III to present its achievement after four years of implementation: studies, training initiatives, activities to promote South Mediterranean cinema and legal databases. The programme has offered South Mediterranean film and television professionals permanent ways to expand their networks, improve their knowledge of relevant legislation, and enrich their dialogue with European partners.

Catherine Buresi will present the findings of the programme's Financing Working Group, a group of professionals from the region's film, television and finance sectors who looked into possible ideas for a funding mechanism for film productions and co-productions from the region. Feedback will be welcome from the audience. Buresi will also consult attendees on how to increase possibilities for film co-productions between Europe and South Mediterranean countries.

Ioana Westhoff will present the report on the Moroccan film and audiovisual industry, one of six country reports that media expert Sahar Ali compiled for Euromed Audiovisual III. She will speak of the methodologies for collecting data, one of the main challenges in the region to appraising the film and audiovisual industry in order to allow public authorities to take suitable legislative and regulatory decisions.

Finally, Mohamed Layadi will present MEDIS, the first network of South Mediterranean film distributors created with the support of Euromed Audiovisual III. He will notably discuss MEDIMAGES, the network's film education initiative that has already brought cinema into classrooms in Morocco, Jordan and Egypt.

Layadi will also moderate a debate on the potential development of Video-on-Demand in the region as a means of film distribution.

Catherine Buresi has been working in the media and film industry for almost 20 years. She was previously deputy director of the European Film Market at the Berlinale.

Ioana Westhoff was a key expert on institutional development for the capacity development support unit at Euromed Audiovisual III.

Mohamed Layadi is the owner of Marrakech Spectacles, a film distribution company, and Le Colisée, a cinema in Marrakesh that primarily exhibits European and South Mediterranean films. He is also president of the MEDIS network. 

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