Meditalents 2014-2015 kicks off in Algiers

Young Mediterranean scriptwriters start to develop the scripts for their first feature films

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Meditalents 2014-2015 kicks off in Algiers

Twelve emerging screenwriters from the Mediterranean region gathered in Algiers from November 10 to 16 to develop the screenplay for their first feature film, as part of a first session for the latest edition of Meditalents.

Selected screenplays for Meditalents 2014-2015 include Amine Sidi Boumediene's The Sacrifice from Algeria and Montasser Hegazy's Les diablotins dans la ville (lit' "Little devils in town") from Egypt, as well as Hussen Ibrahim's Tide and Myriam Sassine and Badih Massead 's My Kingdom for a Passport from Lebanon. From Morocco, Mohammed Bouhari and Mehdi Bamir attended with their scrip for Sarah. Karim Bensalah took part with La vie des morts (lit. "The life of the dead"), a project from France and Algeria, while Omar Mouldouria attended with Noria, a project from Morocco and France. Also selected are Yassine Morroccu's Qays and Leila, a project from Morocco and Italy, and Mehdi Barsaoui's Little Me, little You, a project from Tunisia and Italy also recently selected for Euromed Audiovisual's Socrates script editing training initiative.

To kick off Meditalents 2014-2015, participants each presented their feature film projects and screened one of their previous short films, fiction or documentary.

The workshop then featured four masterclasses: French screenwriter and director Magali Negroni spoke about the first 10 minutes of a film, while Algerian director Malika Laichour Romane spoke about characters. Algerian producer and film critic Ahmed Bedjaoui and Italian producer Nella Banfi discussed “the desire for cinema”, while Canadian screenwriter Marcel Beaulieu spoke about structure.

All these discussions helped attending screenwriters to make choices towards giving their stories a clear structure. Over the next few months, they will continue to work on their scripts during three more sessions in residence and two online sessions, starting with a Skype session each with an expert next January 15.

Euromed Audiovisual is supporting Meditalents's 2014-2015 class with flights for participants, and hopes that the script doctors trained through its new Socrates training initiative will soon contribute to future editions of Meditalents.

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