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Cine-clubbing in Algiers


The ONCI, the Algerian National Office for Culture & Information, re-started its cine-club since April 2008 in the Mouggar Theatre of the capital. Programmed by Ms Nadjet Taibouni (, with the support of the production...

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French-Algerian Cinema Days, Algiers, December 4-6, 2008


More than 100 Algerian and French cinema professionals have been invited by the Algerian Ministry of Culture, the French CNC and Unifrance Film to take part in the French-Algerian Cinema Days organised in Algiers from December 3 to 6. The aim was...

Events and Festivals, Algeria


The Algerian Cultural Centre in Paris launches a film-club and an educational workshop


As from December 2008, Kaïna Cinéma association, in partnership with the Algerian Cultural Centre, will offer a monthly film-club as well as weekly educational activities on cinema art and audiovisual techniques. The film-club (a screening...

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Palestine and Algeria celebrated during the 22nd Carthage Cinema DaysPalestine and Algeria celebrated during the 22nd Carthage Cinema Days


The 22nd annual edition of the Carthage Cinema Days, Africa's oldest and still active cinema event, has just ended, in keeping with its always renewed activist spirit of African and Arab cinema. Mediterranean was emphasized with a whole section...

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Algeria: Second year of Documentary Film MeetingsAlgeria: Second year of Documentary Film Meetings


The Cinéma et Mémoire association of Béjaia in Algeria, in collaboration with the Franco-Algerian Kaina Cinéma association, will hold the second instalment of the “Documentary Film Meetings” at the Béjaia Film Centre between 27 and 30 October...

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Interview with Salim Aggar, Algerian film directorInterview with Salim Aggar, Algerian film director

What does the future hold for cinema in Algeria?

For his feature-length documentary debut, Ca tourne à Alger (Filming in Algiers), the young director Salim Aggar trained his camera on the evolution of contemporary Algerian cinema. The subject was explored through the first-hand accounts of...



Cinema – AlgeriaCinema – Algeria

Taghit d'or - a brand new short film festival

The tranquil oasis of Taghit (South-West Algeria) is currently hosting its first short film festival, "Taghit d'or" (Golden Taghit), from 12 to 17 November, 2007. Marking the first cultural event of its kind in Algeria and in keeping with the...

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Euromed Cinemas helps showcase L’Avocat de la terreur in AlgeriaEuromed Cinemas helps showcase L’Avocat de la terreur in Algeria


With the support of the Euromed Cinemas project, the film L’avocat de la terreur by Barbet Schroeder (FR) is now being screened in Algeria with 3 prints in circulation, one of which is to be used for screenings taking place in various courthouses...

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Algeria hosts Documentary film meetingsAlgeria hosts Documentary film meetings

Film event

The Béjaia Cinéma association, in collaboration with the Franco-Algerian Kaina Cinéma association, is holding “Documentary film meetings” at the Béjaia Film Centre in Algeria between 2-6 November 2007. The event will offer filmgoers a programme...

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Algeria without cinema?

Algiers, Arab Cultural capital of 2007

Algiers has been chosen to be the Arab Cultural capital in 2007. Therefore, the Algerian government has decided to boost cinema production which is considered to be very low in Algeria. 400 million dinars, an extraordinary high amount of money,...

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