Omar, The Wanted 18 awarded in Carthage

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Omar, The Wanted 18 awarded in Carthage

This year, the Carthage Film Festival gave its top awards to two films by Palestinian directors. 

In the narrative feature competition, Hany Abu-Assad's Omar won the Golden Tanit, as well as Best Script, the Young Jury Prize and the Audience Award. Funded by Palestinian individuals and businesses, the film tells the story of Omar who falls in love with Nadia, the sister of his friend Tarek, who runs a resistance cell in the occupied territories.

Second prize went to Moroccan director Hicham Lasri's They Are the Dogs, his second feature after The End, in which a young team of journalists follow an amnesiac man who has just been released from prison.

Tunisian directorNejib Belkhadi's Bastardo won the TV5 Monde and UGTT prizes. In the film, Mohsen, nicknamed Bastardo, decides to install a mobile telephone antenna on his roof in exchange for a payment. But some neighbours are jealous.

In the documentary feature competition, first prize went to Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan's The Wanted 18 (Canada and Palestine). Blending stop-motion animation with interviews, it tells the true story of the Israeli army's pursuit of milking cows in a Palestinian village during the first intifada, for being a "threat to the national security of the state of Israel."


Hamza Ouni's El Gort, about a group of young Tunisians working in the hay trade before and after the revolution, won the third prize in the same section.

In the short film competition, Kaoutehr Ben Hania's charming narrative short Peau de colle won Best Film, while Karim Messaoui's Les jours d'avant (lit. "The days before") won third prize.

Post-production awards went out to Tamer el Said's upcoming narrative feature In the Last Days of the City and Mohammad Rashad's documentary Little Eagles (produced by Hassala, and supported by DOCmed), both from Egypt, as well as Hamza Ouni's documentary Medestansi and Marouane Meddeb's La fille du 8 janvier (lit. "The girl of January 8"), from Tunisia.

From Syria, Khaled Abdelwaheb was awarded support for his documentary Jellyfish and, from Lebanon, Selim Mourad was awarded for his documentary project Counterbalance (also supported by DOCmed).


Images: Omar, The Wanted 18


 Hany Abu Assad's Omar -- trailer (Arabic with English subtitles): 


Hicham Lasri's They Are the Dogs -- trailer (Arabic with English subtitles): 


Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan's The Wanted 18 -- teaser (Arabic with English subtitles): 


El Gort -- trailer (Arabic with English subtitles): 

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