Roundtable consultation on the film and audiovisual sector in Morocco

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Roundtable consultation on the film and audiovisual sector in Morocco

On April 11, the European Union’s Euromed Audiovisual III will hold a roundtable consultation on the film and audiovisual industry in Morocco at the Golden Tulip Farah, Rabat. The event will be attended by Moroccan cinema and television professionals.

The roundtable will be inaugurated by Eneko Landaburu, the European Union Ambassador to Morocco, and Mustapha El Khalfi Moroccan, Morroccan government spokesman and Minister of Communication.

Participants will review the needs and expectations of professionals in the Moroccan audiovisual and film sector, and propose solutions to any existing problems.

Conclusions from the consultation day will serve as a roadmap for Euromed Audiovisual’s institutional support to this sector in Morocco," said Ambassador Landaburu.

Similarly to previous consultations organized in other countries of the South Mediterranean, many key players from the Moroccan audiovisual sector have been invited to participate, including directors and producers, exhibitors and distributors, festival and film library representatives, professional associations, film schools, and critics, as well as representatives from the High Authority for Audiovisual and Communications (HAAC) and the Moroccan Office of Copyright. Among other topics, participants will discuss funding for films and audiovisual works, training, and the current screening and distribution crisis.

Launched in 2011, the European Union’s Euromed Audiovisual III programme has implemented concrete actions in the film and audiovisual sectors of the South Mediterranean, from providing experts to coaching. The program focuses on capacity building tools for the public sector and private professionals, training professionals, and helping with film promotion.

Euromed Audiovisual III also regularly updates its legal database on regulations for film and audiovisual works and copyright in the South Mediterranean, with European guidelines relevant to the subject. This database is available on the Euromed Audiovisual website.

Euromed Audiovisual III aims to train distributors through a series of workshops, coaching sessions, and screenings, and to train producers through a project called Access for documentary and feature film production, in which five Moroccan are participating. Two other Moroccans have been selected to participate in the DocMed training project for documentary professionals from the Maghreb and the Middle East. Five Moroccan film school graduates have received training during Greenhouse documentary projects, and over sixty will be trained in cross-media as part of the Dia SudMed training project in Marrakech. Through Moroccan television channel SNRT, Morocco is also a partner of the Terramed Plus project for broadcasting audiovisual works.

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