Legal database: latest updates in Algerian law available online

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Legal database: latest updates in Algerian law available online

The legal database for audiovisual professionals, developed under the second phase of Euromed Audiovisual programme, has been updated to include the latest changes in Algerian law and will soon have a new section with models of contract clauses.

The database provides useful legal information for film and audiovisual production, coproduction, distribution and operation to film and audiovisual professionals (producers, distributors, operators, expert legal advisors, etc.).

As a collection of laws and concepts, the database gathers effective documents in the areas of copyright and law governing cinema and audiovisual in the nine Southern Mediterranean partner countries of the program. These documents allow direct access to each legal concept, including a comparative analysis, for example in cases of coproduction. The documents in the categories “Copyright” and “Cinema and audiovisual law” as well as the laws and concept list will be updated on a regular basis. The online updates will be carried out progressively in the coming months on a country-by-country basis.

Furthermore, the “online Algerian legislation” has been updated. 11 new texts have been added (one under “Copyright”; 10 under “Cinema and audiovisual law”) and another two texts were amended (one under “Copyright”; one under “Cinema and audiovisual law”). The updating also includes the legislation summary which has been completed in the meantime.

Other important novelties that are published:

§ Law No. 09-04 of 5 August 2009 on special rules for the prevention and fight against offence in the field of information and communication technologies.

§ Law No. 11-03 of 14 Rabie El Aouel 1432 corresponding to 17 February 2011, on cinematography.

§  Executive decree No. 12-91 of 6 Rabie Ethani 1433 corresponding to 28 February 2012 laying down the procedures for awarding public support to cinematography and fixing the modes of creating, composing, organizing, operating and renewing the reading and support committee to cinematography.

To learn more about the online Algerian legislation and the legal Database, please click here.

In addition, a new section of the database is under development. It is a database for models of contract provisions, designed and developed by Michel Gyory, responsible for the database. This new section includes annotated models of clauses relating to production, distribution and operation of film and audiovisual pieces of work. This database is already available online in its structural form and offers an example of a transfer of rights clause (between script writer and producer). It contains 12 chapters corresponding to the main clauses of film and audiovisual contracts.

The presently developed and updated database can help supplying film and audiovisual industries to control legal aspects nationally and internationally, at reinforcing legal security while keeping legal costs under control, and at promoting international cooperation.

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