Study on co-productions in the South Mediterranean now available in three languages

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Study on co-productions in the South Mediterranean now available in three languages

An exclusive study on co-productions in South Mediterranean region is now available on the Euromed Audiovisual website in English, French, and Arabic.

In the study, Lucas Rosant, a specialist in international markets, reveals tendencies in co-production in the South Mediterranean region, covering a total of 221 surveyed co-productions in the region's 9 countries, including post-production works, from 2006 to 2011.

The report provides statistics that can act as benchmarks for film professionals.

For each co-production project, it includes information about its authors and producers, the funding mechanisms they chose, and the film's itinerary through festivals and specialised markets.

The study is likely to facilitate further South-South co-production, with the knowledge that this widespread practice has, in the past, contributed to funding works and promoting their circulation.    

Download the study (version May 2012)

English version

  • Census and analysis of film & audiovisual co-productions in the South-Mediterranean Region 2006-2011 [en] pdf (814.9 kb)
  • ANNEX: Detailed census of the co-productions within the region per title [en] pdf (8768.8 kb)

French version

  • Collecte et analyse des coproductions dans la région sud-méditerranéenne 2006-2011 [fr] pdf (993.3 kb)
  • ANNEXE : Présentation détaillée des coproductions (triés par titre de film) [fr] pdf (2480.4 kb)

Arabic version

  • جمع وتحليل الإنتاج المشترك في جنوب المتوسط 2006-2011 [ar] pdf (1445.3 kb)
  • الملحق: عرض مفصل عن الإنتاج المشترك (مرتبة حسب عنوان الفيلم) [ar] pdf (2505.2 kb)

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