Isabelle Fauvel, head of studies for Euromed Audiovisuel's script editors and writers training programme

"Coaching in script writing and rewriting is not sufficiently available in the South Mediterranean"

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Isabelle Fauvel, head of studies for Euromed Audiovisuel's script editors and writers training programme

The European Union's Euromed Audiovisual III programme earlier this week launched a call for applications for two courses on storyediting and scriptwriting, in partnership with the French Institute in Tunis. Director of studies Isabelle Fauvel tells us more about the training programme and its objectives.   


Why did you design the new training programme?

In recent years, writers and film directors have receive training in scriptwriting here and there, in Europe and in the South Mediterranean, through master classes and online programmes. It is clear that this has helped the artists and their projects progress. But back in the field, most are then on their own, with direct feedback only from producers or colleagues who haven’t received any training, which sometimes can disrupt the development process.

This new training initiative -- SOCRATES -- explores the essential relationship between the person whose script is being read and the person who is reading it and is guiding them through the different phases of rewriting, making sure to preserve the film originally intended by its author and any producer it might have.

Those who bring their project will learn to listen to criticism as well as filter it and take it into account, while those who come to try out story editing techniques will learn to formulate their thoughts, use their personal taste in the right place without trying to influence a project's intended direction and to take into account the psychological, economic, geographical parameters of each project, so as to formulate their expertise in a caring but never over-indulgent way.


From your point of view, what is the weakest link in scriptwriting in the South Mediterranean?

From my point of view, there are one -- even several missing links -- between the producers, directors and writers in this geographical area: most often directors who write for themselves, mainly for financial reasons. 

Coaching in writing and rewriting is a need and a desire, and it is not sufficiently available in countries of the South Mediterranean.

How can one overcome the fear of being read and analysed?

To overcome the fear of being read, "judged" and analysed, you need to build a trusting relationship with the person who reads your work.  

This relationship of trust will come about if the authors feel that they are not working with professionals whose ego is taking over the project, but who are instead providing fresh and wise insight that can allow the project to grow and find its way -- funding, an audience and so forth -- more harmoniously.

With another tutor, [Moroccan director] Faouzi Bensaidi, we will explore these sensitive relationships between those whose script is being read and those who must deliver the fruits of their reading, to allow projects to move forward and new professionals to learn about coaching scriptwriters.


Applications for both SOCRATES training programmes are open until May 31 for professionals from and working in Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia.  

To learn more and to apply for one of the two training sessions led by Isabelle Fauvel and Faouzi Bensaidi, please click here.

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