Euromed Audiovisual teams up with Meditalents

Soon, Socrates script editors will work with the screenplay development programme

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Euromed Audiovisual teams up with Meditalents

Euromed Audiovisual has teamed up with Meditalents, a screenplay development programme for screenwriters from the Mediterranean region working on their first feature film. It is supporting Meditalents's 2014-2015 class with flights for participants, and hopes that the script doctors trained through its new Socrates training initiative will soon contribute to future editions of Meditalents. 

The opening workshop will be held in Algiers from November 10 to 16, and will be followed by three other sessions as well as two online sessions.

Selected participants for Meditalents 2014-2015 include Amine Sidi Boumediene from Algeria, Montasser Hegazy from Egypt, Hussen Ibrahim and Myriam Sassine (who took part in DOCmed 2011, supported by Euromed Audiovisual) from Lebanon, and Mohammed Bouhari from Morocco. From France and Algeria, Anna Belgermi and Karim Bensalah have been selected, while Omar Mouldouria is attending with a project from Morocco and France, and Yassine Morroccu has a project from Morocco and Italy. Mehdi Barsaoui, a screenwriter also selected for Euromed Audiovisual's Socrates scriptwriting and editing training initiative, has a project from Tunisia and Italy.

As part of Meditalents, these scriptwriters will work on the screenplays for their first feature films, during four workshops, the first of which is to be held this November in Algeria, and two Skype sessions with tutors.

Since 2011, up to 41 scriptwriters from the Mediterranean have taken part in Meditalents, an initiative supported by the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre (CCM), Algeria's Agency for Cultural Outreach (AARC) and the French CNC among others, as well as Euromed Audiovisual.

After this year, Euromed Audiovisual hopes that script doctors trained through its Socrates training initiative will contribute to future editions of Meditalents.

Launched this autumn by Euromed Audiovisual and still ongoing, Socrates for the first time brings together scriptwriters with screenplays in development and aspiring script editors or script doctors from the South Mediterranean region to work together on these scripts for feature films. Led by Moroccan director Faouzi Bensaidi and French film development consultant Isabelle Fauvel, the initiative aims both to develop promising screenplays from the region, as well as to boost the skills of its emerging script doctors.

Socrates script editors include Lina Arious from Morocco, Asma Chiboub and Hinde Boujemaa from Tunisia, Ayman El Amir, Kismet ElSayed and Ahmed Shawky from Egypt, Majd Hijjawi, Fadi Haddad and Deema Azar from Jordan, and Elyssa Skaff from Lebanon.

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