A South Mediterranean film distribution network: soon a reality

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A South Mediterranean film distribution network: soon a reality

On Sunday at the Venice Film Festival, the European Union's Euromed Audiovisual programme organised a working session with four South Mediterranean distributors to further discuss the creation of a South Mediterranean film distribution network.

Marianne Khoury (MISR, Egypt), Mohamed Layadi (Marrakesh Spectacles, Morocco), Imane Masbahi (Canal 4, Morocco) and Hachemi Zertal (Cirta Films, Algeria) attended this meeting as a follow-up to a Euromed Audiovisual distribution workshop attended by some 30 South Mediterranean film distributors in July.

The four distributors agreed on the need for such a network in the region, as its distributors all face the same challenges and a more regional solution seems appropriate. They decided to launch the network by the end of the year.

The objectives of this organisation would be:

  • To lobby national and international institutions on the need to support distribution to increase the circulation of good quality films.

  • To share information and know-how between members.

  • To promote national cinematographies in and outside the Arab region.

  • To conduct research and set up a permanent think thank to study the evolution of the Arab film industry.

  • To liaise with and learn from similar organisations around the world.

A follow-up meeting has been scheduled to take place in Dubai this December to launch the network and establish its board of administrators.


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