Greenhouse 2013 kicks off final session in Marrakech

26 filmmakers are to pitch 16 documentary projects at the event

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Greenhouse 2013 kicks off final session in Marrakech

This week, 26 filmmakers from Algeria, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia are gathering in Marrakech for the last session of the Euromed Audiovisual-supported 2013 Greenhouse documentary development programme.

After a six day seminar to perfect their pitching skills and fine-tune their film teasers, these filmmakers will then pitch their 16 documentary projects at a pitching event attended by key leaders from the international documentary market.

These are to include
 Adriek van Nieuwenhuijzen from the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)'s BERTHA Fund in the Netherlands, Amy Richardson, project manager at World View in the UK, Alex Szalat, deputy director of the Society and Culture department, Arte in France, and Judith Helfand, a co-founder and the creative director of Chicken & Egg Pictures in the US. Also attending will be Alex Hannibal, in charge of documentary programming at the Tribeca Film Institute in the US, Sophie Chegaray, commissioning editor for documentaries at France 5, Simon Kilmurr, executive director at P.O.V in the US, Chris Black, marketplace director for the Sheffield Doc/Fest in the UK,
Dr. Gudrun El Ghomri, commissioning editor at Südwestrundfunk (SWR) in Germany, and Margje De Koning, commissioning editor for Ikon TV in the Netherlands

The Tribeca Film Institute, Chicken & Egg Pictures, Sheffield Doc/Fest and the Jacob Burn Film center are to hand out prestigious awards to participants this year.

The Tribeca Film Institute will give a $10,000 development grant to one of the 16 Greenhouse projects. The selected filmmaker will be invited to the Tribeca Film Festival held in April 2014 and will take part in the TFI Filmmaker/ Industry Meetings, a market initiative between TFI grantees and decision makers during the Festival.

Chicken & Egg Pictures, a New York/San Francisco-based film fund dedicated to supporting women documentary filmmakers in the US and internationally, will give a $5,000 grant to a Greenhouse woman filmmaker. The award is part of Chicken & Egg Pictures' mission-driven fund, The Mother with Human Rights Film Fund.

Chris Black, Sheffield's Marketplace Manager will select two to three projects to attend the Sheffield film festival's film market in June 2014, where the selected filmmakers will notably have the opportunity to meet decision makers.


Photo: Greenhouse 2013 - first seminar

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