What future for documentaries in the Arab world?

Attend the conference on January 28 at 3 pm at the Algiers European Film Days

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What future for documentaries in the Arab world?

Euromed Audiovisual is to hold a conference on documentary production in the Arab world on Tuesday, January 28 at 3 pm at the Filmathèque Zinet in Algiers.

The event is to be held on the fringe of the Algiers European Film Days, a festival organised by the European Union delegation in Algiers with the participation of the cultural services of EU member states.

How can documentary producers and distributors in the South Mediterranean region make best use of the funding, coproduction and distribution opportunities available to them? How can one connect both sides of the Mediterranean to enable these works to exist and to circulate?

During the conference, Jad Abi-Khalil, director of DOCmed, a professional training programme for Arab producers with a documentary project suitable for international coproduction initiated by Beirut DC, Eurodoc and Doc A Tunis in association with Arte France and co-funded by Euromed Audiovisual, will present a funding guide for producers with a documentary project

He will then follow up with a case study of Palestinian director Khalil Elmuzayen's Gaza 36mm, a documentary film made with the support of DOCmed.

Euromed Audiovisual's Valerio Caruso and Hakim Taousar will then present several studies on the audiovisual and film sector in the South Mediterranean region, as well as legal databases. Regularly updated and available on the programme's website, the legal database offers film and audiovisual professionals and their advisors access to laws relating to copyright and to the film and audiovisual industry in the south Mediterranean countries. It also contains a new section on contract clauses to facilitate drafting contracts in the film and audiovisual fields.

At this conference,  Hakim Taousar will also present the South Mediterranean Film Catalogue launched at Cannes 2013 to boost the promotion of films from the region. The catalogue gathers information about 130 fiction and documentary films produced in the region between 2011 and  2013, including  12 Algerian films.


Euromed Audiovisuel is a programme financed by the European Union that aims to support and reinforce the South Mediterranean region's film and audiovisual sector, notably through professional training, film development, boosting market access, collecting data and conducting studies.  

To find out more about the conference, please contact Jad Abi Khalil or Valerio Caruso.

Photo: Malek Bensmaïl's documentary La Chine est encore loin, a French-Algerian coproduction screened on January 24 at the Algiers European Film Days.

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