Med Film Factory holds directors’ workshop in Amman

Participants shoot one scene from their first or second fiction feature film

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Med Film Factory holds directors’ workshop in Amman

After coaching their producers earlier this year, Jordan-based training programme Med Film Factory is now giving eight Arab directors the opportunity to shoot one scene from their first or second narrative feature film projects.

Since April 8, at an eight-day workshop in Amman, international directors and film experts have been mentoring these directors on and off set, as they bring one of the scenes from their screenplay to life with the support of local cast and crew.

“Working with our experts in the safe yet meaningful environment of the Med Film Factory is a liberating experience,” said Kamir Ainouz, the Algerian writer/director of the project Honey Cigar. “By identifying the real intention behind the key scene I'm shooting, I'm clarifying the whole film's mise-en-scène. I feel inspired and cinematically daring. Whether this will translate in the actual final product, we shall see, but I'm already grateful that I can see, hear and feel my film like never before.”

Tutors and experts for this workshop include: Nadir Moknèche (Algeria), Robert Quinn (Ireland), Larry Sider (USA), Antoine Heberlé (France) and Isabela Araujo (Brazil).

Launched in 2011, Med Film Factory was initiated by the Royal Film Commission - Jordan (RFC) in partnership with Sud Ecriture - Tunisia and the Huston School of Film & Digital Media – Ireland, and co-financed by the European Union's Euromed Audiovisual programme.

The third and final session of the current cycle of Med Film Factory, its Independent Film Assembly, will take place in Jordan this June. 


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