Greenhouse: 14 projects selected for the third and last round of seminars


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Greenhouse: 14 projects selected for the third and last round of seminars
Young promising documentary director-producer teams coming from Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Israel, Turkey and Morocco will participate in the Greenhouse project’s third annual programme of three 4-day seminars, first round from 19 to 23 September 2008.

The selected filmmakers will participate in a series of 3 seminars during which they will be assigned personal mentors who will accompany the project from its initial stages of development until a full production file is composed along with a presentation trailer. The seminars will explore all fields of documentary filmmaking geared towards the big screen. The pedagogical scheme includes general lectures for the directors and producers and a tailor-made programme adapted to each of the projects according to their specific needs.

The progress of each of the participating projects will be supervised through personal one-on-one tutorial sessions with mentors assisting with summary, conclusions and assignments to be completed for the second seminar round. An Emmy award winner, producer Bettina Hatami will join for the third round of seminars Greenhouse’s three senior mentors Hans Robert Eisenhauer, John Appel and Steven Seidenberg.

For the first round of seminars Greenhouse selected 10 projects received from 9 Mediterranean countries. For the second round 11 projects were selected out of 77 received from 7 countries.

The EU-funded Greenhouse’s first round filmmakers witnessed success as two prestigious grants were given to the Turkish film “On the Way to School” by Orhan Eskikoy & Ozgur Dogan, a development and production grant from the Sundance Documentary Fund and a post production grant from the Dutch Jan Vrijman Fund (IDFA). “White Hallway” directed by Rima Essa and produced by Claudia Levin, which is currently in production, received a grant from the Dutch channel-Humanist broadcast and from the Israeli channel 8. The film “Not Quite the Talibans” by Jordanian Fadi Hindash was licensed by a Belgium broadcaster.

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