Greenhouse announces a new call for applications!

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Greenhouse announces a new call for applications!

Greenhouse is announcing a new international development programme to be implemented in 2010 dealing with the theme of Racism and Human Rights open for documentary filmmakers from Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

The European Union, in the framework of the programme MEDIA International, has granted Greenhouse this initiative for the development of documentary films which deadline for submission of applications is 2 February 2010.

Filmmakers from the 10 Mediterranean and all the European countries are invited to submit documentary film proposals on the theme Racism & Human Rights.

The selected filmmakers will be invited to participate in three seminars during which they will work on the development of the script until a comprehensive production file is completed including a trailer. The final proposals and trailers will be presented in a Pitching Forum Event in front of leading forces of the international film industry.

Greenhouse is an international development project for documentary filmmakers and is supported by the European Union in the framework of the EU-funded Media International programme. In the last two years, Greenhouse films have been screened in important documentary film festivals and have won numerous prizes.

For submission requirements and application form, click here.

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