DOCmed announces selected projects for 2012

The second training cycle of Euromed Audiovisual's DOCmed programme will start end of March

Grant Project Activities

DOCmed announces selected projects for 2012

DOCmed is a project-based training programme that works towards international co-production for creative documentaries. It aims to help producers and director-producers from Mediterranean Arab countries with projects of international ambition. This programme allows them to optimise their performance in all of documentary production, creation, financing, and using the latest technologies. It is important to experiment, to develop networking possibilities between Arab countries, and to establish cooperation between these countries and Europe.

This programme is initiated by:

  • Beirut DC (Lebanon), a Lebanese cultural association that aims to provide help and support to independent Arab filmmakers, in facing and overcoming the constraints to independent-minded Arab cinema.
  • Eurodoc (France), a training programme designed for European documentary film professionals who are developing a specific project.
  • Doc à Tunis (Tunisia), the Documentary Film Festival.

In association with:

  • Arte France, the European Cultural Channel.

Fifty-two projects were submitted to DOCmed 2012, and only 10 were chosen.

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