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Expert Committee supports distribution and exhibition of a further 22 films

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Euromed Cinemas - 
Expert Committee supports distribution and exhibition of a further 22 films
The 6th Euromed Cinemas Expert Committee met in Locarno during the international film festival and resolved to support the distribution in the MEDA region and in Europe of 22 films for a total of 356,800 euro.

Out of 27 requests examined, 12 originated from the Mediterranean distributors and exhibitors (4 concerned Mediterranean films and 8 related to European films) while 15 applications originated from European distributors. Among the selected films 7 are European and will be exhibited in Lebanon, Turkey, Algeria and Israel through 117 copies. 4 Meda films will be shown in Egypt, Turkey and the Palestine with 13 copies, while 11 will be distributed in Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, Luxemburg, The Netherlands and Portugal through 58 copies.

The following 7 EU feature-length films are to be released in the MEDA region: Hallam Foe , by David Mackenzie (GB), Molière by Laurend Tirard (FR), Captain Alatriste by Augustin Diaz Yanes (ES/FR/US), Bamako by Abderahmane Sissako (FR/ML), L’avocat de la terreur by Barbet Schroeder (FR), Persepolis by M. Satrapi & V. Paronnaud (FR), Angel by François Ozon (FR/GB/BE).

The following MEDA films will be distributed in the EU: Iklimler by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (TR/FR) which will be exhibited in 3 countries, Caramel by Nadine Labaki (LB/FR/EG) that will be seen in Belgium, Spain Luxemburg and Portugal, Falafel by Michel Kammoun (LB/FR), The band’s visit by Eran Kolirin (IL/FR), Tendresse du loup by Jilani Saadi (TN), La chambre noire by Hassan Benjelloun (MA), The Yacoubian Building by Marwan Hamed (EG).

The following 4 MEDA films will be exhibited in the MEDA region: Rome rather than you by Tariq Teguia (DZ/FR/DE), L’aquarium by Yousri Nasrallah (EG/FR), Fumée sans feu by Samir Habchi (LB/EG), Free zone by Amos Gitai (IL/FR).

Euromed Cinemas is a project that supports distribution and exhibition of Mediterranean and European films within the framework of the EU-funded regional Euromed Audiovisual II Programme.

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