The Caravan has arrived in Ismailia


The Caravan has arrived in Ismailia
The Caravan has arrived in Ismailia
The Caravan has arrived in Ismailia

The Cavaran of the Euro-Arab Cinema project is holding a creativity workshop on film documentaries with the theme "The Self and the City" on 15-22 September 2006 in Egypt. The workshop, with 20 participants aged 20-24, is being held in parallel to the Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries & Short Films.

The participants – all with good knowledge of digital cameras – are directors, scriptwriters, photographers, editors, production managers and co-writers and director assistants, accompanied by European and Arab professors and cinema experts.

The workshop includes seminars, lectures, screenings and shootings in English, French and Arabic. But the main focus is how to tell stories with the camera. Tutors and participants are discussing their ideas and shooting very short documentaries on a topic within the theme of the workshop.

After the workshop the directors and editors will continue working – guided by the Egyptian tutors – on the editing phase in Cairo at the Caravan of Euro-Arab Cinema headquarters until the films are completed.

The expected outcome of the workshop is a series of short documentaries (five- to 15-minutes long) with the theme "The Self & the City".

The Caravan of the Euro-Arab Cinema is one of the 12 selected projects funded by the European Union within the Euromed Audiovisual II regional programme.

For further information, please contact:

Caravan of the Euro-Arab Cinema
SEMAT Production & Distribution
8 El Mosikar Ali Ismail, Dokki
Giza, Egypt
Tel: 002 02 7614905

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