Euromed Audiovisual at Cannes: 3 conferences and two workshops to better understand and work with South Mediterranean countries

Agenda is now available: join us to attend our workshops on legal database, statistical data collection and launching of the Southern Mediterranean film catalogue, May 18-19!

Programme Activities

The Euromed Audiovisual III Programme is back at the Cannes Film Festival to hold several seminars and workshops throughout the festival, including special presentations of results from the programme’s activities and initiatives. Filmmakers, producers, investors and distributors are invited to attend these presentations.

To boost the promotion of Arab films, the programme launches a film catalogue of feature films and documentaries produced between 2011 and 2013 by filmmakers from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia at the Cannes Film Festival this May. The catalogue gathers 130 technical film data sheets. It aims to create unprecedented global market appeal for films from the South Mediterranean, during this special chapter of the region's history. It will be presented during a special event, on May 18 at 6:30pm.

In order to enhance the legislative framework, the Euromed Audiovisual programme is updating and expanding its legal database, which includes coproduction contracting, copyright and piracy of cinematographic and audiovisual works from the South Mediterranean countries. It is available on the programme's website, gives professionals immediate access to all legal provisions in force in the fields of copyright and film law in all partner countries. This database will be presented for the first time in Cannes, on May 18 at 10am.

To improve the understanding and strengthen the film and audiovisual markets, Euromed Audiovisual is notably working, in collaboration with the European Audiovisual Observatory, on data collection and assessment for the film and audiovisual sectors of its nine partner countries in the South Mediterranean region. Such data is crucial for audiovisual leaders in South Mediterranean countries to make decisions, set and prioritise goals, and monitor progress, and thus to boost the audiovisual and cinema industries in the region. The reports on the film and audiovisual sector in Egypt and Morocco have been published and are available on the Web site. The Lebanon report will be presented and released at Cannes film festival, on May 19 at 10am.

Besides these public events, the program organizes three workshops and working groups on the following topics:

Fourth meeting of the Financing Working Group (FWG): This working group composed of professionals from the entire region (public and private sectors) is currently developing recommendations for a new financial mechanism to promote the successful development and co-production of films from the region, as well as their better access to the market in the region and worldwide. In Cannes, the FWG will mainly focus on finalizing its draft recommendations for such a financial mechanism and will work further on enhancing the legal side of co-productions.

A workshop on video-on-demand will be organised for the members of the MEDIS network. MEDIS is a network of Mediterranean distributors created in December 2012 with the support of the Euromed Audiovisual Programme. This workshop will focus on business plans, contracts and legal issues of the VOD market. MEDIS members will be able to meet some of the most important European and American platforms to explore the possibilities to develop such services in the Arab countries.

A Regional working group to promote Arab films has been set up by Euromed Audiovisual III programme, which has to be called SOUK Al FILM Al ARABY or SAFAA. This group will meet in Cannes, on May 19, to develop strategies improving the audiovisual market for films of the southern Mediterranean region. The first initiative of this working group is to launch of a cross-regional film catalogue at Cannes Film Festival this May.


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