Greenhouse 2013 to kick off in June

Seventeen documentary projects selected from the Middle East and North Africa

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Greenhouse 2013 to kick off in June

Seventeen documentary film projects from Palestine, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Lebanon, Algeria and Tunisia have been selected to take part in the 2013 session of the Greenhouse documentary development programme.

It will be the training initiative's last session under the European Union's Euromed Audiovisual III programme to end in 2014.

Selected film projects for Greenhouse 2013 reflect a diversity of topics from the Middle East and North Africa.

There will be a documentary about three Egyptian women's rights activists, the story of a shoe shiner boy in Tunisia, and a view of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the education system in both countries.

Other films are to focus on the massive movement of Syrian refugees to Lebanon, Iraq’s nuclear weapons program as told by the man responsible for its development and termination, and a sleepy village in Mount Lebanon populated only by the elderly.

There will be the story of five young rebellious Algerian women living together in Algiers, and also that of Moroccan female diver risking her life to harvest seaweed in the Atlantic Ocean to support her family.

All the filmmakers behind these tales are to discuss their synopses at the first Greenhouse 2013 seminar in Morocco from June 5 to 10.

The second and third seminars, to be held in September and December 2013, are to fine-tune each project's written proposal and trailer, and discuss how best to pitch it to international producers, film fund representatives, and commissioning editors.

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