Euromed Audiovisual presents its legal database in Cannes

A resource of typical contract clauses and laws for film and television professionals in the South Mediterranean

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Euromed Audiovisual presents its legal database in Cannes

On the sidelines of the Cannes International Film Festival, the European Union's Euromed Audiovisual programme yesterday, May 18, presented its legal database, which includes coproduction contracting, copyright and piracy of cinematographic works in the South Mediterranean region.

The legal database offers film and audiovisual professionals and their advisors access to laws relating to copyright and to the film and audiovisual industry in all participating countries of the programme. It is regularly updated and is available on the programme's website.

Michel Gyory, the legal database's author, and Hakim Taousar, legal expert at Euromed Audiovisual, moderated the presentation in Cannes.

New resource on contract clauses

Legal expert Michel Gyory presented the latest updates to the database for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as international instruments. The database is currently being updated for the other countries and should be completed by the end of the year.

The database now also contains a new section on contract clauses to facilitate drafting contracts in the film and audiovisual fields. The combination of data on law and on contract clauses will be useful for professionals drafting film and audiovisual contracts.

The database provides them with the legal provisions applicable to these contracts and models of clauses drawing from a variety of common situations.

For example, for all participating countries, a producer who has to draft an author’s contract can find the following information in the legal database's concept index:

  • The legal provisions that define who holds authorship in the film and audiovisual field (concept No. 1.2.1).
  • The legal provisions on the form and content of contracts for transfer of copyright in the film and audiovisual field (concept No.

As for the database on contract clauses, it provides models of clauses for contracts with authors, such as scriptwriters, film directors, composers, and the original authors of adapted literary works, for various types of works, such as fiction films, documentaries, television fiction films, and television series.

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