Brahim Fritah, director of Playground Chronicles

"To portray the working class and immigration in a different way"

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French director Brahim Fritah's first feature Playground Chronicles is based on the director’s childhood memories as a ten-year-old, when he was living in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine in 1980.

The film tenderly immerses its audience into his everyday life, his school and friends, television, and the factory where his father – who was born in Morocco – works as a watchman.

Set in a time of socio-economical change marking the end of the glorious industrial era, the film -- which was supported by the Euromed Audiovisual I programme -- is out today in French cinemas.

Euromed Audiovisuel met the director at the Cannes Film Festival where his film screened in the Écrans Juniors – Cannes Cinéphiles section.

"I thought that there lied material to portray the working class and immigration in a different way, from my own experience."

"My angle was to show this happy childhood, to avoid clichés. I could have insisted on its tougher sides or on more difficult things. [But] I wanted it to be from the point of view of a child."

Interview in French

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