Raphael Nadjari, Franco-Israeli director

"My actors work slightly differently with me"

Events and Festivals, Israel

A Strange Course of Events focuses on an adult son, Saul (Ori Pfepper), who works as a nighttime receptionist at a hospital in Tel Aviv. It’s a far from ideal situation and when the divorced Saul’s loneliness becomes too much to handle, he decides to go and visit his father, Shimon (Moni Moshonov), who lives in Haifa with his new partner, Beti (Michaela Eshet).

Shimon and Saul haven’t spoken since the death of Saul’s mother several years earlier and the visit isn’t an immediate success, although Shimon is certainly happy to see his son.

Euromed Audiovisual met the director.

"My actors work slightly differently with me than in other films. Before shooting with me, they work on inventing a story with me, inventing the past."

"It's not an acted film, it's a 'behaviourised' film."

Interview in French.

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