Greenhouse 2013 kicks off: 26 filmmakers gather in Morocco

The documentary development programme held its first session from June 5 to 10

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Greenhouse 2013 kicks off: 26 filmmakers gather in Morocco

From June 5 to 10, the directors and producers of 17 documentary film projects from Palestine, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Lebanon, Algeria and Tunisia gathered in Morocco to take part in the first seminar of the 2013 edition of the Greenhouse documentary development programme.

As part of the Euromed Audiovisual-funded programme, participants worked on their script, synopsis and director statement with the help of the programme's mentors John AppelBruni BurresNenad Puhovski and Steven Seidenberg, with a view to pitching their projects to a panel of professionals at the end of the year.

The 26 filmmakers also attended a series of useful lectures.

On the first day, they watched Dutch director and Greenhouse partner and mentor John Appel's feature-length documentaries The Player and Wrong Time, Wrong Place. During his masterclass afterwards, Appels discussed his storytelling techniques and cinematic approach, and answered questions from the participants.

Yair Lev, Greenhouse's head of studies, presented relevant clips from important documentary films, discussing how they related to the participating projects.  

Croatian film director and producer Nenad Puhovski screened Lithuanian director Audrius Stony's short documentary Alone as part of his lecture on ethics and aesthetics in filmmaking.

Hans Robert Eisenhauer, until recently head of Thema at ARTE/ZDF and a special expert to the Greenhouse program, spoke about preparing good synopses and trailers as part of the written proposal, with examples. Later he spoke of what commissioning editors are looking for in documentary project proposals, from his own experience.

At the end of the seminar, participants presented their projects in a pitching simulation and received feedback from the Greenhouse team, mentors, experts and their colleagues. 

They left with assignments to complete before the next Greenhouse 2013 meeting later this year.


Greenhouse 2013 - First seminar: 

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