Adam Bakri and Waleed Zuaiter, actors in Palestinian feature Omar

“We feel like we made history”

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Last May, in Cannes, Palestinian director Hany Abu Assad's Omar was awarded the Jury Prize in the festival's Un Certain Regard section.

In his first film since his award-winning Paradise Now (2006, winner of a Golden Globe and first Palestinian film tipped for an Oscar), Adam Bakri plays Omar, a young Palestinian baker who is captured after a deadly act of resistance, while Waleed Zuaiter plays Rami, an Israeli agent assigned to his case.

Euromed Audiovisual met the two actors in Cannes.

“I'm also a producer on the film," explains actor Waleed Zuaiter. "I was in charge of the financing and raising the funds. My brothers and I founded a company, a newly formed company, and we're an almost entirely privately financed Palestinian film. We feel like we made history. Hopefully this will encourage other Palestinian films. The mission [...] was to get the Palestinian financial community to invest in the community, to create jobs, to boost the economic status there, and to really support the talent. There's so much talent, and there's so many amazing stories that need to be told. Hopefully, this will open the door to many more to come!”

Interview in English

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